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What types of vehicles do you work on?

We work on just about all vehicles…trucks, jeeps, off-road vehicles, domestic, as well as imports.

I’m not sure what type or brand of accessory I want. Can you help me choose?

Come in or call. We have brands to fit just about any budget and offer financing as well.

If I want a lift kit on my truck or Jeep what else will I probably need to go along with it?

A lot of times, regular wear occurs on stock suspension parts. We check these parts out to insure that they are up to par to handle the new suspension kit. It is a good idea to change these parts at the same time since we are already there to avoid part failure.

What does a suspension lift kit do?

As opposed to body lift, this is the preferred method of lift kit. It insures a better ride as well as replace parts that may already have wear on them.

What are other things to consider when buying a lift kit?

Wheel/tire clearance, extended brake lines, and steering set up

Is there a big difference between an LED light kit and a standard one?

LED lights provide a much brighter projection, as opposed to stock incandecant bulbs, making it safer to drive at night.

What’s some simple and less expensive options for getting more horsepower out of my truck?

We can fit your truck with several options from tuners to cold air intakes, exhaust, higher flow injectors, etc.

What about normal things like oil changes and brakes? Can you help me with that as well?

Although we aren’t a quick lube type shop, we can perform these services while your vehicle is in the shop getting the accessories installed, making 4 Wheel Junkies a one stop shop for you.